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Basement Refurnishing in Roselle Park, NJ
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Basement Refurnishing in Roselle Park, New Jersey

Would you like to add useful space to your home? Most of us have a large amount of additional space in our homes that is left unused because of the condition it’s in. Cold, dank and dark, basements are the extra space that’s left unused. Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way. Through a properly carried out basement refurnishing, you can reclaim this space as a family room, rec space, bedroom, home office or whatever you’d like! When you need basement refurnishing services, contact QTW Remodeling. 

In Roselle Park, New Jersey, QTW Remodeling serves the community with high quality basement refurnishing services. Our teams are experts in this area and are able to perform tasks in all of the related areas such as carpentry, masonry, electricity, drywalling, plumbing and more. Basements do require special considerations such as moisture control, lighting considerations, and more. However, rest assured that the QTW Remodeling teams are well aware and informed on these issues.

To get started, give QTW Remodeling a call to discuss your plans and preferences for your basement space. We’ll offer any suggestions along the way and give you further details about our services. Then, we’ll offer you a quote for the work to be done. If you approve it, we’ll get started right away on the project. Our teams will work hard to transform you space to meet and exceed your expectations. 

With a new basement refinishing, you’ll have the additional space you need for yourself and your family. A bit of extra room can go a long way for ensuring everyone has the space they need for their favorite activities, work and passion.

Contact QTW Remodeling about your basement refinishing project today! We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. We look forward to serving you.
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